Graphic Lux Shares Eight Important Tips on SEO Content Writing

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Eight tips to write effective SEO content

Content is king but search engine optimization (SEO) is the kingmaker. As the consumers become overwhelmed by endless content online, SEO and content need to work in tandem for successful results. Content needs to be relevant and fresh while SEO needs to acquire better page rankings to be able to make an impact. Graphic Lux, an SEO expert, shares some tips on effective SEO content writing.

  1. Know the target audience

Without understanding the needs of the target audience, writing content is futile. Writing content that is of interest to the target audience is important. All content doesn’t need to focus on the product or service on offer but can include industry-related topics that assert the company as an authority. Content that is SEO-friendly and relevant to the audience is the first step towards a successful content writing strategy.

  1. Create powerful headlines

An intriguing and precise headline is more likely to hook a reader. Including rich keywords in a headline are crucial for impact. Moreover, writing interesting meta descriptions that elaborate on the topic can prove to be very beneficial. The title of the article and meta descriptions need extra attention as they are the ones that show up in search results.

  1. Use relevant keyword phrases

The keyword phrases that people type into search engines when seeking information are the ones that must be inserted in the content. This makes the content searchable, raising the traffic on the concerned site. These keywords must be used in headlines as well as the main content to inform the search engine and the reader about the post topic. However, keyword stuffing can backfire by irking the readers or leading to penalties by search engines. Keywords must be used naturally, without force-fitting. Certain SEO tools like Semrush can be used to acquire keyword data.

  1. Structure the content

No one wants to read a blob of text that is unstructured and lengthy. In an age of short attention span, readers want their information quick and simple. Breaking the content into short, digestible chunks of information heightens the likelihood of it being consumed for intended impact. Bulleted points and highlighted text usually make a difference. Using proper tag hierarchy when tagging headlines H1 to H6 helps maintain a well-structured article.

  1. Invest in visuals

Human beings respond better to visuals. Adding images in a blog post goes a long way in visual communication and retaining the reader. Promoting the content across various social media channels while pinning images to a Pinterest account increases the number of avenues for the traffic to flow in.

  1. Leverage social media

Social media is an indispensable tool when it comes to expanding the reach and promoting the shareability of content. Articles must be posted on social media sites with engaging descriptions and calls-to-action. Needless to say that each blog must have share buttons to promote the content. Tools like Twitter Cards for Twitter or Open Graph for Facebook can help improve click-through rates.

  1. Include plenty of links

Link building is an important ranking factor for SEO. Google search engines are inclined towards keywords and keyword phrases that include a clickable link. Use hyperlinks to related articles and products offered by the client, or use links to other industry references. Including links at the beginning or end of the article and closing with a call-to-action that links to the client’s contact page are an effective SEO strategy.

  1. Monitor activity

Results must be measured to determine the effectiveness of the SEO content strategy. Google Analytics allows the tracking of page views and the average time spent on a page. Measure the bounce rate and time on site to understand how users are interacting with the website after landing on the content. A drop in these two factors may indicate the brand needs better content. The number of social interactions such as shares and likes also highlight the virality of the post. These tools and activities can help determine the success and failure of certain content and help adjust the strategy.

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