WordPress Consultation

One area where we can help you with is very broadly called WordPress Consultation.

We are the best WordPress Consultation services in Buffalo, New York. WordPress Consultation is a little vague, so please let us explain.

With WordPress Consultation we mean everything that is related to both advice and coding of your WordPress website and is not a full Website Project.

We have developed a couple of different WordPress Consultation Services which you can see below.

People have regular medical checks and in many countries we even have government regulated “health” checks for automobiles.

Similar to what a car gets to endure taking you around on ever changing road- and weather conditions, during the lifespan of your website it also gets to endure quite a bit of abuse.

You might have tried a different theme and most likely you have tried quite a few different plugins. Also let’s not forget the database that has to output the queries we ask it to. Depending on when the site was built, the code doing these requests may not be optimum for current times. Time flies and in internet terms it really is a high- speed roller coaster.

The purpose of our Site Assessment is therefore to inspect the general well-being of your website in its current state. We highly recommend to do a full Site Assessment at least every 2 years! Book one now if your site never had one!