One area where we can help you with is very broadly called WordPress Consultation.

We are the best WordPress Consultation services in Buffalo, New York. WordPress Consultation is a little vague, so please let us explain.

With WordPress Consultation we mean everything that is related to both advice and coding of your WordPress website and is not a full Website Project.

We have developed a couple of different WordPress Consultation Services which you can see below.


People have regular medical checks and in many countries we even have government regulated “health” checks for automobiles.

Similar to what a car gets to endure taking you around on ever changing road- and weather conditions, during the lifespan of your website it also gets to endure quite a bit of abuse.

You might have tried a different theme and most likely you have tried quite a few different plugins. Also let’s not forget the database that has to output the queries we ask it to. Depending on when the site was built, the code doing these requests may not be optimum for current times. Time flies and in internet terms it really is a high- speed roller coaster.

The purpose of our Site Assessment is therefore to inspect the general well-being of your website in its current state. We highly recommend to do a full Site Assessment at least every 2 years! Book one now if your site never had one!


Similar to the general Site Assessment above, but purely focused on the plugins you have installed on your site.

Some people love to install plugins for each and every type of additional functionality. And that is all fine, although sometimes prone to conflicts, especially when these type of plugins could easily be combined into one.

With the Plugins Assessment we will take a thorough look at all the plugins that you have installed and will give our advice on each and every one of them.


Since Google started to give penalties to slow sites, site speed has become an important topic.

There are many reasons why a site runs slower and fortunately even so many ways to make it run faster.

If you let us do a Speed Assessment on your website, we tell you exactly where things can be improved and how!

Child Themes

Although for professionals it is something that we don’t even think about, it turns out that for the majority of people making a Child Theme is not common practice.

The problem with this is that if your theme receives an update you really only have two choices:
1) update and re-do everything you changed;
2) don’t update and miss out on all the new functionality that has been added to the theme, or worse: miss important security updates.

Neither is a situation you should find yourself in and this alone should be the drive for you to only work with Child Themes.

We can take care of this for you, so you can focus on your own site.


If you want to turn your website into an online shop, you will need an eCommerce solution.

WordPress has quite a few options available and we can help you selecting the most suitable for your shop.

Let us know what you’re after exactly and we will get back to you with custom made advice. Of course we can also help you implement it on your website!

Custom Plugins

Sometimes even with the expansive WordPress Plugin repository you cannot find the solution that you need. Graphic Lux can create a custom plugin for your exact needs.

We are available for hire for if you need a custom plugin or customize an existing plugin.


Making a (new) website is one thing, but moving it to another server is a whole different beast!

Files need to be moved and more important, the database needs to be moved too. And once it has been moved, you need to change certain strings in the database to make sure that the content is served from the new server instead of the old one.

For many people Site Migration is very intimidating and not something to get enthusiastic about.

Fortunately for you we are! We are more than happy to take care of the migration on your behalf, whether it is for your own site or the site of your client!

What Else?

Of course we cannot cover everything we might be able to help you with here.

So that is the last option: anything else. If you need help with something and you’re not sure whether we can help you, just shoot us an email.