Enterprise WordPress Security

Fortress is the only WordPress plugin that stops overlooked security threats.

  • Laser-focused security measures:

    Fortress only targets security threats that can be most effectively handled at the plugin level, eliminating unnecessary bloat and resource drains.

  • Absolute security commitment:

    Unlike other security plugins that sacrifice security for broad compatibility, Fortress is built exclusively for PHP 7.4/8.0/8.1, unlocking cutting-edge cryptography and security functionality.

  • Unmatched defense-in-depth:

    Fortress is the only security plugin for WordPress that anticipates the potential failure of other plugins and builds safeguards to protect you regardless.

Current WordPress Security: A Peak Behind The Curtain.

While WordPress Core continues to make great strides, many recent advancements have focused on developing the Gutenberg editor, leaving security enhancements lagging behind.

  • Passwords are still hashed using md5.
  • Two-Factor Authentication has yet to become integrated in WordPress.
  • Session management features, critical for addressing cookie theft attacks, are not in WordPress’s immediate game plans.

There are many other 3rd party security plugins that you could use….

But instead of providing meaningful solutions…

They often use security features that fall to the lowest common denominator, instead of being implemented at the server or network level (such as WAF, malware scanning, or malware removal).

Stop worrying about your website security and have peace of mind.

Tired of using Google Recaptha security checkboxes?

Fortress is lightyears ahead, offering four independent modules that protect your site in areas most effectively handled at the plugin level.





Fortress Cost

We have a small inventory at this pricing. Once we go through the inventory for these licenses, pricing WILL increase.

  • Fortress
  • You must be on Graphic Lux’s hosting. After purchase, Graphic Lux will go in and install and configure Fortress and give your website Enterprise-Grade WordPress security.
  • $39