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WordPress 5.0 is coming soon. What’s going to happen?

WordPress 5.0 is about to be released with a brand new content editor named “Gutenberg”. The content editor is the tool you use when you want to change the content of your website from within the administration section of WordPress, otherwise known as the Dashboard. This new WordPress version is a major one and will […]

Gutenberg, and Planning for WordPress 5.0

There has been a lot of conversation within the WordPress community that is causing developers near and far to plan and strategize for the after-effects of the Gutenberg release. Gutenberg is a MAJOR new feature that has been in development for over a year, Gutenberg is coming with the release of WordPress 5.0 and is […]

Search Engine Optimization – SEO in Buffalo, NY & WNY

Real SEO is our philosophy. Graphic Lux believes that only real SEO will get results that work and stay to help you rank higher for your keywords.  We are one of the best SEO teams in Buffalo, NY.   We also are local to all WNY area’s including Rochester, Syracuse and even into Erie, PA.  We […]

3 Twitter Tricks That Will Help Your Brand

To succeed in business, one of the most important aspects is your brand. It doesn’t matter where you are at with your business, whether you are just starting or have been in the game for a while, you should always be thinking about how to improve your brand. Thankfully, social media websites like Facebook & […]

Optimizing Your Pics: The SEO Trick You Need To Start Doing

High quality photos are a must for a complete user experience. Whether it’s a high-definition slider image sprawled across your homepage, or rows of small thumbnails to feature your products, your website images cannot be left out of your SEO strategy. Once you select the perfect keywords for your web content and write your website […]

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Neglect Your Website

You just paid thousands of dollars for a beautiful new WordPress website.  How do you keep it up and running at peak performance? Changing your oil every 3,ooo miles isn’t just a suggestion from your car company, it’s a requirement if you want your car to work. Website maintenance is no different. For your website and your […]

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com.? If you’re new to WordPress or even played around a bit, this is a normal question and usually needs some explanation since the two get confused pretty easily. Both are great options and the best one for you depends on the plans you have for your site, your skill level and how much […]


Why Website Maintenance Should Be On Your Mind

Why Website Maintenance Should Be On Your Mind The problem for many WordPress websites is that they have been neglected, and out of date.  The WordPress CMS core, plugins, and themes are in need of basic updates/upgrades while security monitoring and daily backup’s should be taking place.  Without these updates/upgrades your WordPress website could be susceptible […]


WordPress 4.5 broke my website!

Why did WordPress 4.5 break my website? WordPress’s Core will automatically update your website to the latest WordPress version when the newest version has been tested and deemed safe for release, unless you have preventative measures already in place.  Wordpress 4.5 included many new updates and changes which can all be seen here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Version_4.5 One of […]