WordPress Care Plans & Why You Need Them


Why WordPress Care Plans and what the heck are they?

It’s no secret that in the Web Design industry, most companies are great at working on projects but generally stink at the on-going support of a site. It doesn’t matter how easy the update or request is, the industry is just generally bad at caring for clients in this way.

But why is this? Is the developer or designer entirely to blame? No. It’s also the client’s fault. Clients are generally bad at sending accurate information. They’ll send the contents for a new page over the course of 10 emails that have a sentence like “Oh and also…” When the designer finally posts the content is the client realizes they have typos or further edits. It’s not that these types of changes are hard to fix, they’re just generally annoying and interuptions in the course of a work day.

So then if designers are slow and clients are unclear and inaccurate, what’s the solution? Well I can tell you that billing hourly for a text change doesn’t make designers and clients best of friends. I can also tell you that a client sending 10 emails to explain themselves to the designer also doesn’t lead to friendships.

We found the perfect solution!

WordPress  Care Plans!

Here’s what our Wordpress Care Plans offer and why you need one.