Google Migration Services - UA to GA4

Migrating from Google Analytics UA/GA3 to GA4 is necessary if you want to continue using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics as we know it (UA or Google Analytics 3) will be shutting down on July 1, 2023 which means that after this date, any website that wants to continue to use Google Analytics needs to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) before that date. In fact, we strongly recommend that you migrate well before that date so you can check your current data against the new GA4 data to make sure that your new setup is reporting accurately.

Google Universal Analytics to GA4 Migration Services

We provide UA to GA4 migration services for non- e-Commerce & e-Commerce websites. We offer two types of migrations:

Basic migration. This service is for businesses who need to create and/or implement a new GA4 setup and who do not have Google Ads or Facebook Ads integrations present. This migration includes the following steps and is a one time-cost of $199.

  1. Creation of property in GA account – creating data streams etc.
  2. Configuration of the property – any filters, enhancements etc.
  3. Installing the GA4 tag in GTM
  4. Migrating over existing goals
  5. Connecting the new property to Google Search Console
  6. Debug and validation 24 hours later

Advanced migration: Our advanced migration includes everything in the Basic Migration and adds integration of your Google Ads and other advertising accounts. account and testing to make sure you are receiving campaign data. Any e-Commerce website would need an Advanced migration. We would need to do an audit of what you are currently using in UA/GA3 then provide you with an estimate as these tend to be custom for each website.

If you are not a current Graphic Lux client, there is an additional $50 fee for the time we will need to coordinate with you in order to get access to and proper permissions for your Google Analytics account.