BinksBerry Hollow

Binksberry Hollow came to Graphic Lux for a brand new design and development of their website to help their customers to purchase their products. Graphic Lux helped implement an e-commerce platform which integrated inventory, customer details & payments with their on-site POS while making the shopping experience simple and elegant.

The Hollow is a direct reflection of my passion for food and a means to deepen my relationship and understanding of where it comes from.
We or our local family farm partners raise pastured chicken, grass fed beef, and hogs that we then transform (on our 40-acre family farm in our certified and inspected butcher shop) Into custom cut dry-aged beef, signature sausage, and truly farm-fresh poultry. As a 35 year professional chef, I look forward to having you along for the ride on the continuation of my culinary journey. – Binks

Feb 2021

BinksBerry Hollow