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  • Basic Care Plan
  • $65
  • Weekly Software Updates
    Daily Backups
    Post Revision, Spam & Database
    Security Monitoring
    Malware Scan

Our Services

Our Core Services

24/7 Security Monitoring

We provide you realtime server-level scanning and malware detection. In the rare occasion a customer gets hacked, we clean up the hack in a hurry.

Daily Site Cloud Backups

All site backups are shipped to remote cloud encrypted servers on a daily basis. Even if your web host implodes , we’ll get you back online.

Managed WordPress Updates

The latest WordPress updates tested and installed on your site. We always ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure software, void of compatibility issues.

Incident Management

Feel at ease, if your site is hacked or defaced we will restore it from your latest backup, do the needed research and put extra security in place.

Content Management Sessions

Unlimited content management sessions (Silver and Gold Plans Only).  These are 30 minute jobs completed whenever they are needed. Fast daily response times. Bronze plans contain 2 sessions each month.

Detailed Reporting

Every month you will receive a detailed report of everything we have done on your site.  This will give you the peace of mind that we are actively monitoring your site like it was our own.


Frequently Asked Questions

Truthfully we make very little financial gain from these contracts, in reality the fee is designed to cover the cost of upgrading your WordPress installation and all plugins employed to add functionality to your website. To see the number of plugins your site is running, log in and go to Plugins, the number of active plugins is indicated at the top of the page. The process we undergo and the reasons why are described here on the WordPress website: You are in no way obliged to take up this offer, your website will continue to function normally. However fixing bugs created by outside influences beyond our control, such as site hacking or other security breeches, out dated or conflicting plugins, will be chargeable at Graphic Lux’s normal support rate.

We monitor your site and will update at least once every week, but usually we go in and update a few times a week!

It’s important to mention that we carefully choose all the plugins for our sites, based on the criteria of star rating, popularity, frequency of updates and level of support. Inevitably some plugins will cease to be supported. In the case of category A plugins, Graphic Lux will look through the market place for a suitable replacement and make the necessary changes. If a category B or e-Commerce plugin requires replacing, a charge will apply in accordance to the time it takes to replace (charged at our support rate).

Not at all! Service is month to month. You will need to at least have a plan for 3 consecutive months but after that you have the freedom to cancel the plan at anytime. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we understand the importance of freedom to make the best decisions for your business.

We definitely recommend working with a quality web host, but we’ll be happy to work with whoever you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for a quality hosting provider, we can make some recommendations based on your needs.

Our support plans are for one website only. You are welcome to add additional plans. Each additional plan/website will receive a 20% discount (if you are not receiving any other discounts). We also work with agencies, as well as plugin and theme shops to provide site management for their clients.

We support your WordPress website needs. Our support gives you access to expert WordPress advise and troubleshooting. Once we check your details and activate your account, you are welcome to submit your task. We can upgrade your plan if it’s not in your current plan

Most supported small tasks are completed between Monday to Friday, during normal business hours. We monitor urgent incoming tasks over the weekend, so if there’s an issue we can resolve it.

If the site breaks for an obvious or known issue we will immediately fix the issue. If the fix is unknown or not immediate, we will roll the site back to the most recent backup created before the update. We will spend an hour of time fixing the issue. If we cannot fix, we will give you a time and cost estimate and let you decide if you’d like us to move forward.

This happens to thousands of sites daily and will not destroy your online presence. We can quickly help you resolve these issues and clear your flags from search engines.

WordPress Admin Login, FTP/SFTP, cPanel access and password access. If you are unsure of how to provide us with those details go ahead and sign-up, we will get in touch with you to help get the access we need.

Things like theme/plugin installations, updating colors and fonts, adding new plugins, configuring a slider and so on. If your support request isn’t covered by your plan, we’re happy to give you an estimate for completing the work you need done, or can quickly upgrade you to a higher plan.

Because of the nature of the monthly service, we do not refund after one month of signup and use of our services. Refer to our Terms of Service for review of full conditions.

Notes: All sessions are conducted by telephone or online screen sharing meeting.
*Unlimited small tasks include any task that takes us less than 45 minutes to complete and typically covers things like adding a testimonials section or a staff profile section to your website. These tasks do not cover advanced features such as a complete online shop or membership section.  Graphic Lux has the right to refuse any users submitted care/maintenance plan.

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